Add AIBT Certificate to Linkedin

Upon successfully finishing any of our courses or programs, it’s crucial to highlight your newly acquired abilities to possible employers and your professional circle. This can be achieved by integrating your AIBT certification into your LinkedIn profile. This inclusion can differentiate you from other job applicants and exhibit your dedication to continued learning and career advancement.

Follow this straightforward three-step guide to add your certificate to your profile today!

Step 1: First, sign into your LinkedIn account and navigate to your profile.

Step 2: Next, on the right-hand side, select the “Add profile section” dropdown, pick “Recommended”, and then opt for “Licenses & Certifications”.

Step 3: Provide the following details:

  • Name: Input the title of the course or program certificate
  • Issuing Organization: Input “American Institute of Business & Technology”
  • Issue Date (optional): Input the issuance date of your certificate
  • Expiration Date (optional): Input the expiration date of your certificate
  • Credential ID: Fill in the Certificate ID Number located at the lower section of your certificate
  • Credential URL: Fill in (Example:
  • Add Skills and Media related to your certificate

Your form should bear resemblance to the above provided example: That concludes it! Your certificate is now incorporated into your LinkedIn profile (see below for an example).

You have the choice to render it noticeable to your network, enabling them to observe your latest achievement and possibly motivate them to seek their own professional development. In essence, integrating your AIBT certificate into your LinkedIn profile can be beneficial in making you more visible in the employment sector, exhibit your commitment to continual education, and put your fresh skills on display to potential employers and peers.